3yr old says he doesn’t like me after contact with dad

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    my son often return from time at his Dads to tell me he doesn’t like, his dad takes him more places and it’s very hurtful and a worry that he says these kind of things. It’s very upsetting and he only acts like this after contact. He’s only young and I find it odd to say. I take him and  my daughter to a lot of places and we do so many things even though I am not financial as well off as Dad. They do get pretty much bought things and treated all the times they see him so that’s difficult too. Hurts so much when he says these things to me.

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    It might not help right now, but I’ve found with my girls that they remember the fun you’ve had with them- no matter what it costs- more than the toys and money spent. Take your time making precious memories. Eventually your son will see through the gifts and bravado and realise who truly cares. A paddling pool in the garden will make them as happy as a water park. Pushing them on the swings is better for bonding than putting them on a ride at a theme park and leaving them to it. They want you. They don’t care about pennies spent.

    Remember- you’re doing a fantastic job. Best of luck. You’ve got this.xxx

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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