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    Hi all,

    I’m back again. I got some great advice and support 6 months ago, after finding out I was pregnant and my relationship was on the rocks.


    I tried so hard to rebuild my relationship but it broke down for good last week.

    He is emotionally abusive – he would ignore me to my face, ignore my messages, demean me for being worried and the list goes on.

    He financially abused me, taking out 6k debt in my name, he blackmailed me into lending him £800 which he is yet to pay back and brought nothing for our unborn due in a few weeks. I almost feel he wanted me to rely on him during maternity leave and he would give me nothing to survive.

    He was controlling and made me feel terrible for messaging or seeing my friends

    I’ve saved enough money to get through maternity, and ive brought everything for baby. So I’m all ready. And i asked him to leave.

    There is a few things I’m struggling with… and would be open to advice.


    What is suitable contact arrangements when newborn is here? I plan on breastfeeding

    Also how do I beat the loneliness?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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