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    Hello guys,

    I hope you’re all well.

    my childs father and I are not in a relationship, however, we get on.
    our baby girl is 3 years old.
    yesterday he booked a holiday and once booked he said he wants to take our daughter for 3 weeks.
    I have never been aware from my girl for that amount of time and asked him if we could compromise instead of 3 weeks how about 1 week and a half or 2.
    This has led to a heated discussion and both of us angry.

    please do let me know if I am being unreasonable, because I am currently feeling very guilty because he is a great dad, but I haven’t been on holiday with our girl, nor has he, and 3 weeks is a long time especially as she is only 3.

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    He’s unreasonable to the extreme.

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    3 weeks in a row sounds very unreasonable. my arrangements for summer are 2 blocks of 7 night stays, which I will take separately.

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    Thank you for the replies.
    I was typing the situation whilst I was very heated and re-read what I wrote.
    Just to clarify, he has booked the holiday for himself already, he has not booked the holiday for our daughter, however, this is what led to a heated discussion due to the fact I did state 3 weeks is too long.
    I believed based on the conversation we had that I was being unreasonable, however, I am pleased to know that you both are thinking the same as me.

    I don’t want to deny him of his rights as our daughters daddy as he’s brilliant as stated but an adult conversation and compromising is better than the argument we had.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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