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    Anyone else in a similar position or has been in a similar position?

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    Hey 👋  Yes I’m 26 weeks and now on my own. The father wants nothing to do with us, happened when I was about 8 weeks. Its been tough

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    My hearts with you ladies, i am becoming a single mother 24 weeks pregnant and been on my own since day 1. My heart goes to any parent going through this, hope you ladies are well and staying strong bless you

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    Hi everyone so I found out month ago I am pregnant I am now 9 weeks pregnant . I contacted my ex and told him he was very supportive about what ever decision I choose . I had a telephone appointment booked for 9th august to have an abortion and discuss it , during that time it was good week to decide things and my ex to decide his choice also . He told his family his mum was very supportive said it’s up to me what I decide etc . He then told me the idea of having. Child was very exciting etc and he grew to the idea which then change my mind I cancelled the appointment . He got more excited over that month , we discuss add co parenting if we would live together in future etc. I already have a 3.5 year old daughter her dad really isn’t great .<br style=”box-sizing: inherit;” />Fast forward few weeks it’s all been amazing really get on and excited . Turns out he has been doing ketamine behind my back and lying about taking it etc , I found out this confronted him he cried and said sorry for messing up etc he wants to change doesn’t want to be doing stuff like that . Yesterday he comes to my house he knows I’ve been feeling now anxious about this pregnancy and having a child with someone who quite frankly I do not trust .<br style=”box-sizing: inherit;” />He said to me he doesn’t think we can work out and it’s not to late to go have an abortion he will come with me .

    as you can imagine only word I can describe how I feel is flabbergasted, feel like he is emotionally immature , things that he was saying , saying I’m trying to control him because basically I want him to be clean and drug free he isn’t willing to grow up , so I’m controlling him.<br style=”box-sizing: inherit;” />his family have no idea what’s going on with him really .<br style=”box-sizing: inherit;” />He has gone from being super excited and sounds like he has gone off hanged out with his wrongin mates they’ve changed his mind because clearly he isn’t a herder he is a sheep.

    I’m now facing that im 9 weeks pregnant , have 3.5 year old start new job on Monday and now been left and told I should get an abortion . It’s a lot to take in and im just in complete shock and numb. what the hell do I do my best friends are in complete shock by his head fking behaviour and appalled .

    Im 31 year old mum already my daughter will be 4 in feb if I continue this journey alone the baby is due in April .

    lots of love to everyone , I’ve read others similar situations on here want to know what you’ve done .


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    Hey girls, never forget to be thankful to have family and friends and most of all to be stuck with a guy that will make you’re life harder… I wish my ex wouldn’t be on my case all the time. He has been mentally abusive and won’t realise the damage he’ve done, instead he would make everyone believe that I’m mentally unwell to justify his behaviour. I don’t have any family other than my ex’s which are being very awkward as they don’t believe me.

    girls, hold on to the ones you can trust and love.

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    It should be so great to enjoy a new life coming without the dad harassing all the times and giving stress. My boy is a year old and it hasn’t stopped yet. You need to be strong to take care of that new life, better without a guy that will make things harder. My ex would take drugs aswell I bet he still does it

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    Hello everyone,

    I’m 31 weeks pregnant and I have been alone with this from 1st day because I was raped, but I couldn’t get rid of my child. I already have nearly 4 years old daughter with mentally abusive father. I don’t have any family in here and little group of friends and none knows what I am really going through. My parents and friends only knows that I am pregnant..

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