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    So I’ll try and not make this too long. The year 2000 the CSA took on my case as my ex husband wouldn’t pay for his son. In the end I made a complaint to the Independent Case Examiner about how my case was being handled and they found in my favour but by then the opportunities to get my ex had been missed. Moving forward my case was taken over by the CMS as the CSA had proved a complete failure. The CMS are now just as bad as the CSA as after only trying bailiffs they have now informed me that they are writing off the £26k that my ex owes me. They haven’t even tried enforcements on his as I believe that the threat of prison or loss of driving licence will work on him but they are unwilling to try. I know where he lives as the address is on Companies House but I believe he may have changed his name to purchase it. Even if he now rents or owns the property they have a definite address for him. When they called me with the news they were writing the debt off I was absolutely gobsmacked and I felt very low that they can just do this. I have now written to the Independent Case Examiner again about how the CMS are handling my case but I don’t hold up much hope in them this time. So know my only other option it to get a CCJ out against my husband which is going to cost me but in the end it might be the only way to get what is owed for my son who is now 30 years old!

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