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    Hi everyone,

    I have been with my partner for 25 years and we have 2 beautiful 13 year olds. We are not married. I want to separate so he has turned really nasty and has told me to go. He will not give me anything financially towards getting somewhere. Nothing is in my name. Yet we have a flat in london and he has been buying places to rent out as a business.

    Is there such thing as common law anymore? Or am I entitled to nothing?


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    You are entitled to some of his assets because you contributed towards raising his children. Do you work ?

    Its a bit mean of him tbh but you know that anyway .I was married and everything was in husband’s name . My child is not his but I was able to stay on  in his house ! His legal team found me some flat in a hight rise build  to get me out and I stood my ground . In the end  I got a small  mortgage and we are doing financiallly ok. It’s better to work as you can get help with childcare .

    There is free online advice from solicitors which I used and also try citizens advice bureau. You may have To go down the solicitor s route which is not cheap . Good luck

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    Sorry forgot to say that you might be able to stay on in the home until children turn 18 years old but you will need to seek advice from family law solicitor because the law is different if you didn’t marry.

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    thanks for your response. I do work yes. He wants me out asap but obviously I have nowhere to go. I will seek advice, thank you

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    The reason I asked is because you might be able to get legal aid if you didn’t work

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    *deleted user*

    I’ve looked on the CAB website and there is quite  a bit on there about situation if you are unmarried.

    Also, before you phone solicitors if you google it some solicitors around london have advice on their pages which at least tells you which questions you need to identify.

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    Hi @JudgeBud,

    This sounds like something our helpline can advise you about, we have experts who can talk you through financial help available to you. Here’s a link to the number and opening hours.   Helpline

    We also have a live webchat on Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays 10am to 1pm.

    Take care,


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