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    Hi. My name is Rhi and I’m a 39 year old Mum and Grandma.
    I am 22 weeks pregnant with a little girl and have recently separated with her father after having enough of him trying to force me into having an abortion. It was a surprise pregnancy as I was on the pill and am also going through perimenopause . But she is my little miracle.
    His only reasoning for not wanting a baby is because it would get in the way of his daily walks with his friend, he has obviously never heard of a pram or baby carrier before!!
    Ive never had to deal with being pregnant alone before, and I am unbelievably anxious about the birth and juggling doing everything by myself and also taking care of my other children.
    I don’t really have anyone to talk to as I lost touch with everyone through all the lockdowns.
    I know he won’t change his mind as he has even written a letter stating that he wants no parental rights and has no interest in knowing ‘it’ at all! He has also said that his family will support him by not having anything to do with ‘it’ either.
    I’m not close to my family and they aren’t the helping type of people. So apart from my children, I have nobody.
    Anyone else going through a similar experience?

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    Hey. Going through pretty much exactly the same thing myself. The reasons why are a bit more complicated but I totally have the same worries and fears. 16 weeks now and the father has just turned into a person I don’t recognise anymore. Refuses to even speak at the minute as “he can’t think about any of that right now” Hope you are doing OK and just wanted to comment and say you’re not on your own in these feelings

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    I am so shocked to read your post, I can not understand wanting less or no contact as an almost Dad waiting for our baby to be born in July. I would do anything to ensure I could have as much contact as possible. I really do wish you the very best, if I found this forum today then I am sure there is a whole community you can draw on as support.

    Chels77. What happened? I feel like this sounds like my situation.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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