21 weeks pregnant with second child and my boyfriend packed his bags and left.

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    Hi, I’m 21 weeks pregnant with my boyfriends child. Already have a 4 year old from a previous relationship who is literally pining for my boyfriend (they were really close). Boyfriend packed his bag told me he’s had enough and doesn’t wanna be with me and has walked out.  Only heard from him once to say he came home to take all his stuff.

    I’m so confused and sad as to how he could just erase us from his life so easily. Hes blocked me on every social media platform as well even though Ive not contacted him. 2 days before he was on about how he wanted another baby after this one and was making plans for the future.

    I’m unemployed atm and have no money to move and this place is too expensive for me to live in on my own. The tenancy is up next June and it’s in both our names.

    I’m baffled as to what my options are atm. I don’t like being in this house anymore as it just makes me sad and depressed.

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    Hi Nina92, I hope you make contact with other parents on the forum soon. Meanwhile I think these pages on our website will be useful for you. Separating – Gingerbread.

    You can also call our helpline to talk things through Helpline – Gingerbread

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    I feel your pain, I have 2 sons with my husband 1 is 13 the other is 7.  He walked out in July for a girl 9 years younger than me, just left. Said Id be better off without him – til I found out about her I had no idea what was going on.

    I work full time, have a mortgage and cant claim a penny, can barely eat and provide for my kids but if i sell the house ill be worse off still ive just been advised by citizens advice!

    To top it off he dropped the banger last night that he wants my 2 boys to meet this woman already!

    Absolutely furious with life.

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