21 weeks pregnant with first child and partner walks out. Advice please.

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    Your rotten partner will come grovelling back.  His loss!

    So I was 5 months pregnant and found myself  on myown. My parents had passed away  and siblings I hardly see.

    my little girl will be 4 years old soon and I work part time. Pay the mortgage and am mum and dad my daughter.

    I have justmet  someone.  We are just friends and he is very keen  and he  does not have a problem as my little girl is slightly autistic  .  I dedicate my life to my daughter and I want the best..she will go to.school in September so things will get better

    I go without so that the mortgage and nursery fees gets paid and my daughter the best.  So being the proudest single mummy from london there are lots of nice people out there so just put your child first and you never know what is around the corner.

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    Hi Leafy,

    ive been where you are now, my daughters father left early during my pregnancy. A few days before my gender scan he put a picture up of him and another girl and that’s how I found out our relationship was over! I must admit I did find things very difficult at first and was very angry. He never turned up for the scan and even changed his number a few weeks before I gave birth! After her birth he was very threatening and abusive to me which resulted in me telling him he had to go to a contact Center (he was threatening to abduct her) he never bothered and hasn’t been in contact in over 3 and a half years!


    I can can honestly say it does get better. My daughter has never had contact with him and I’m sure the questions will come at some point about her dad but she is a happy, healthy little girl, who is so very loved by the people around her.

    I’m here if you want to talk and you can ask me anything. You will get there tho, I can promise you that x

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    I feel your pain.

    I too have just been abandoned at 28 weeks, having been subjected to narcissist abuse pretty much from the start of the relationship.

    I am absolutely terrified about how I’m going to cope on my own with no family support around. I also have 2 big dogs who need my time too. I am fortunate that I have a relatively well paid job I can return to, but after paying for childcare and all the bills on my own, I’d probably be better off not working.

    Grieving the loss of the man I loved and who never really existed is tearing me apart, and when I’m not sobbing over that, I’m wracked with anxiety over the future.

    All I keep telling myself is “This WILL get better!!!”, but right noe that feela like a million years away.

    Stay strong.

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    just remember that a child fills a gap in your heart you didn’t even know existed. trust me, they will define you as you define them. think of it like being in love. you never knew that love was out there. when a child comes along you never knew that love was inside you all along. you’ll never be lonely again. you will be hurt a billion times, but you’ll never be separated. be a good person. let them be a good person. you may not see the future now, but when the child comes along, only then will you truly be you. you will get tired, you will get irritated, you will flag. but imagine not having them at all. that is this world’s true suffering. they will be born loving you, whoever and whatever you are like. and you will never let that go. hug them, love them, let them go, that’s who we are. and remember when you are long dead, they will be you in their own way. let it be. that’s who we are.

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