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    Hi all

    Any tips on dealing with being on my own especially for the first time.  Dropped little one (3 years old) off this morning, wont get her back till Saturday.  I went to bed crying, woke up crying, cried all the way in the car, cried when I dropped her off and then hyperventilated all the way to work in the car to the point where I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

    I’ve managed to make it through most of the day at work, cried in my car at lunch and know the second I’m in my car driving home to an empty house it will start again.

    I am really happy for her dad who know will be so excited to have her for a couple days and I know she will be 100% OK but I just don’t know how I am going to cope.

    When I google anything all I can find is advice on the child having anxiety and not so much on the actual parents. Although I am terribly worried that my daughter seeing me cry all the time is not going to have a good effect long term.

    Appreciate any advice.

    Thank you

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    I know how you feel. For months (before we separated) I’d have given anything for some time to myself, but when it’s forced upon you it’s completely different. I still cry every time I drop the boys at their dad’s or he picks them up and it’s been 6 months since he left. But I think it is gradually getting easier. I try to keep as busy as I can and not think about what they’re doing. If I start worrying about them then I try to keep rational and know that they are safe and happy with their dad. I’m angry that he chose to leave us, but I have no control over his actions and have to be positive in front of the children.

    Its all heartbreaking and overwhelming but I know I’ll get through it. I totally feel your pain and can only advise that you put on a brave face and do your crying when your daughter isn’t there (although I know that’s easier said than done!) The first time I dropped them off I completely broke down in front of them so they have seen me cry but I try not to do it any more. So hard! Xx


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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