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    Hi all,

    im a single dad I have 2 x kids I have it great with my sons mum but my daughter who is 2 it’s not so good.

    I pay £60 per week for my daughter and I buy her clothes plus pay for her ballet classes

    I see her 3 x per week and she stays on a Saturday

    the problem I’m having is her mum as asked me to contribute more to another day at nursery which I have no issue doing until I found out she will be claiming 85% child care back

    is this true?im lost with it all

    i get told all time I’m not doing enough etc etc but if she is claiming back 85% surely I’m paying enough

    she works full time but is a single mum

    can anybody help?

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    If she is claiming universal credit  to top her wage up or if she solely relies on universal credit…. then yes she can/is claiming 85% back.
    you sound like you’re a great dad, but I feel she maybe taking advantage…,asking for extra towards childcare…. for her to go to work (to top up her income), or enjoy time out! Which you obviously give her being a hands on dad who supports his children financially
    I’d say no! Personally x

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    what you can check is the child maintenance calculator: https://www.gov.uk/calculate-child-maintenance

    use it to work out how much it would cost per month to support your kids, based on your income and number of nights kids stay to you. if it works out cheaper, perhaps you could take that route.

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    Cheers to both of you for advice

    for me I have no issue with helping it’s just like u say being took for a mug but being made out like I’m not doing enough

    she sent me invoice from nursery saying she pays in full but if she claims it back then it means nothing?

    How would I get the information proving she is getting help towards her childcare as a single mum?

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    Yes,does sound like you’re doing a lot! Heartening to see their really are some decent dads out there still.Nice.

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    if anybody knows where I can get the information to show her you are getting this 85% help and to come to me for more money because I don’t understand the system and say I’m not doing enough does hurt to be honest.

    some mums just don’t understand what dads go through if u r a hands on dad 3 days just ain’t enough really but they just don’t get it

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    I doubt anyone would give you the info easily,but if she’s asking you for more help I think it might be reasonable to ask her to provide evidence of what the cost is,what she is paying and what the deficit is before you start haemoraging more money.

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    The amount she is awarded will depend on her income and circumstances…..it states up to 85% of childcare costs.

    I’m a single parent, and I only get a fraction back due to my income

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    Natslf26 thanks for reply

    if we say 30k per year our daughter is 2 years old

    she Goes in nursery 1 and half days at min but will go up to 2 and half

    total cost 130 per week for nursery fees for 2 and half days.

    she has another son who is 12

    im not looking at ways to pay minimum payments I’m just trying to work out if she gets other help

    heard there is something called housing elements she may claim aswel?

    see I’m told she pays everything in full but never provides evidence of this except nursery invoice

    but from what I gather you claim the fees back?

    it’s just all so confusing

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    Just depends on her overall circumstances & income …..I have a mortgage so the only help I get is with nursery fees and its not 85% unfortunatley…….My last bill was £400 for the month and they gave me £97 back.  You have to pay it upfront.

    She will get a statement every month from universal credit which would have all her benefits listed with amounts if she claims …..I doubt she would want to show you her entire income! she could however screenshot the nursery fee element if you asked.

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    Do you think that from 30k per year salary with 2 x kids and living in housing association she would be entitled to help?

    I have mortgage to pay for

    see my kids a lot I pay for them both

    i just worried she is actually getting help

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    I m not sure how the housing benefits works to be honest.

    She probably will be, but everything will go on the circumstances, income etc. Your best bet would be to use a benefit calculator and fill in the circumstances and that should give a figure!

    By the looks of it your arrangement already seems to be really fair between you. I would ask her about her claiming the 85% back…..she might have looked into it and not be entitled etc…..I thought I would be but don’t get the full 85% back

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    Thankyou for your help you have been great

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