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    Everyday feels like a struggle. Everyday there are new obstacles that make me feel not worthy and incapable of anything let alone being a parent. I worry my kids will grow up and look back and think what a mess their mother was.. how I am to blame for all the issues and hardships they will face because I cannot cope with my own.


    I am not writing this for sympathy but just because I don’t know where else to say it. Tomorrow I will put on my make up and my brave face and pretend everything is ok. No one sees how I cry every night wondering how I managed to get it all so wrong. As long as the rest of the world thinks you are fine that’s all that matters.

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    Give these guys a call – they’ll listen all day long and help if they can. Wonderful group of people.

    Monday to Friday 6pm-10pm

    Saturday and Sunday 10am-1pm

    <span style=”-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; box-sizing: inherit; font-family: ‘VAG Rounded W01 Bold’, sans-serif;”>Telephone:</span> 0808 802 0222

    All the best – obviously post here or PM me any time also. We all help each other here.

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