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    Me an my partner have been together 3 years all of a sudden he left last week I feel so lonely I don’t no what to do I really want him back I have no family support an I’m lost is anyone in the same boat? I can’t eat or sleep x

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    I’m a mum of 2 under 2 and my marriage broke down 8 months ago.

    The trick i found useful was to give myself a shake every morning and put a smile on my face.


    I told myself i am not the first woman to do it alone and wont be the last. Many women are with husbands but are still raising theit kids alone practically.

    Go out and get as much fresh air as possible. You can do this!!

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    Upupandaway I totally agree. When the heartbreak wears of which it will you will feel stronger and start smiling again. Women don’t NEED men to raise kids, we just want them well because there cute and can fix things. When you have a good one we’ll yes that’s great but if your one of the many millions that didn’t get one of a good batch then know worry we can deal with it. ❤

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    Did you see any signs of him wanting to leave? There are always signs. Where do you live?

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