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    Dont know where to start in the first lockdown my daughter started to have panic attacks and was so frightened she was going to die from covid, it was a struggle but we got through it and in september she started high school.

    During the latest lockdown she has seen me suffer with anxiety and im finding it really hard at the minute to be strong watching her going through her own worries.

    My daughter has cried everyday  going into school and i have literally said i dont have a choice she has to be in school. She cant cope with the noise and gets anxious. She has also picked  up some odd habits if anyone can offer advice or relate to this. Things like shes always asking what did you say and get me to repeat stuff and she says thank you repeatedly, if others are talking she always asks what were we saying iv tried to ignore it but she gets anxious and says she doesnt know why she has to know, she worries when others are looking at things on phones and needs to see who posted and what time. She was writing car number plates down when ever we were out although this has got less, she said she just feels there is this odd feeling that things aren’t right. She has been reffered to the school nurse and the teachers are great just when i see my daughter like this it makes me so anxious i cant help her, im scared shes not normal and she will lose friends please im desperate  for some help

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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