11 year old son doesn’t want to speak to me.

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    My 11 year old boy doesn’t want to join the online lesson. He doesn’t want be seen and speak during the lesson. He doesn’t know how to do the homework. He got anger problem, addict with gaming. He doesn’t like my cooking. I really need a third party or professionals can speak to him and open up his mind please. Thank you!

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    Would contacting his school be a good idea to start with.  Also you could take his gaming away unless he starts doing schoolwork.  Even if he starts doing some of it at least.  Some parents will not allow gaming until end of school day during week, some until lunchtime. With your son being fairly young still theres every chance you will be able to get help and support. In some minority cases its not unheard of that schools have accepted a few children back into school here and there due to them struggling so badly at home. My friends daughter just gone back to school shes 13 as she was struggling at home and that was after a phone call to school about it

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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