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    Hi all needs some help and i hope at least someone on here can because I have no idea what to do. Ok so I have a 10 year old daughter that i believe hates my partner and now her little brother who is 6months old. Me and partner have been together for 3 years this August coming and my daughter has known her for nearly the full duration of our relationship and they got on great at the start. Then she just changed abour a year half ago. so she trys to start arguments and she give cheek and slams door when our sons sleep she deliberately shouts and screams and when me or my partner say shhh your brothers sleeping she simply says so. Whats he even crying for???? ohhh that noise is doing my head right in kin you not just gee him his stupid dummy to shut him up. She has now started making stuff up about my partner and tell the school such as she starve her and that my partner screams in her face till she cries and that she hates her and wishes she was dead. The school phone me concerned and ask if this is true.  She is going to get my partner into serious trouble with the lies she tells and me and my partner are close to splitting up because of this. my daughter openly says she hates her and her brother I dont understand what’s changed. We considered ok new baby jealousy mibi but it started before my partner fell pregnant so it cant be that. We planned to get married this year but it’s on hold till we sorted out once and for all what’s going on. Can anyone help. Martin

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    I still class myself as a new dad bud as my sons only 2 this year so I might be pissing in the wind abit here, especially since I dont even have a daughter.. but.. have you taken her out on her own give her abit of 1to1 time & just asked? Benefit of kids is they cant do proper poker faces when asked directly by a parent whats actually going on, from an outside point of view, I think mummy & daddy splitting as just hit her now properly or maybe shes been bullied for what ever reason, sounds silly  but when your younger bullying is hell & any bit of TLC attention goes 100miles no matter how you get it, or maybe something from the mums side if you genuinely cant think of anything? I hate the stigma dads get especially when i know atleast 5 mums that brain wash kids against fathers, my own mum being included, .. but even still sure its nothing you wanna deal with at any stage in your life being a bloke like i cant imagine how id go about it.. but yano either way girls bodies start changing earlier then boys… so maybe just prepare yourself for that.. could be a number of things mate, she might just be going through some stuff & just want daddy to her self sort of thing, aint easy being a parent honestly couldnt imagine having a daughter myself… as soon as they start turning into women you have a better chance fighting mike tyson in his prime blind folded 😅.. can understand your stress though obviously seems like you have a tight knit unit, just maybe take some leave from work take your girl for some one to one time & send your other half on a spa day to defuse so you can all talk when your back ..


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    Hi Martin,

    Hope your ok. Read your post and understood completely.  The answer from the above poster was spot on.  It could be a number of things. My daughter turns 13 tommorow and lost her mum couple of months ago and its just as shes going through changes and trust me i know how hard it must be for you trying to get inside the mind of a young girl when your the dad. Ive had school refusals and more but i try to hang tight,give her one to one support and i let her know the obvious such as shes loved etc but boy it is tough. HK the above poster is right about Mike Tyson. I think id rather take my chances in the ring with him than try to fight this one. Ive heard of mums trying to brainwash their children against dad and i really hope thats not happening in this case. Maybe she just hates the idea of you 2 being apart? Im not sure she hates your partner. She more than likely hates the situation. Good idea to put the marraige on hold for now.  Take care mate….Mark

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