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    I wonder if anyone who can help with to universal credit application process..

    I have 1 child with a 2nd on the way. Having been in a very toxic, mentally abusive relationship for several years I have FINALLY found the strength to leave. I work full time and so have childcare costs. I am still living under the same roof as the father, yet have just found a private property to rent and will sign the TA on Tuesday. However.. when I complete the UC application it asks for my current address, who I live with to then calculate what I am entitled to. But I am keen to know my entitlement for when I move into the new property so I can then understand what is within my affordability. It seems I can’t apply for UC until I am in the property in which case I am committed to pay a rent which is uncertain on whether or not I will get anything at all??!

    Am I being overall worried? Am I entitled to UC? How can I commit to signing a contract based on no certainty that I will be able to afford to live there??

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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