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Its been really nice to hear people’s positive experiences of single parenting, much of it I can relate to. Its a journey and we’re all travelling at different speeds needing various levels of guidance on the way. Regardless whether you’re struggling or not at this minute, we all initially came to gingerbread for the same thing.

Anonymous, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sending valentines cards to your kids, I might have done the same 😉

Swoodarah, I’m no pro on teenage boys! It’s my first time too, so I’ll be on here sharing my ‘parenting wobbles’ when his tactics challenge me!

chris95, glad it was helpful, I could think of worse jobs than putting out the bins though! In any case, that’s a job that’s deligated to the kids in our home, we’re a team!

Tee.x , I took a while but with the right support you’ll be feeling liberated I’m sure! Certainly making your home your own again is a positive and a step in the right direction, it’s a process, don’t bash yourself when you’re feeling down.

Empty, I think about you often x I sense from your enteries that you won’t let these children, who are 50% you, escape you long. Just keep on, take the support you need from the forum and pursue the legal advice you’ve been given.

Christinaw28, khaleesi and anonymummy, I share your enthusiasm for single parenting