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Hi Anonymous,
The agencies were the school, social services and CAMHs, there was dv to me and abuse to the kids,which they reported to the agencies. There has been two court injunctions granted now, but he has never been convicted of anything, and there are hospital records too. There have been two MARAC assessments done by the police and Women’s aid. SS advised on the contact venue. His past actions have been documented and the school have even felt threatened by him, but I don’t know if this is considered enough proof, he has never admitted to anything to anyone but me, and would never admit to struggling with mental health issues. I was told by a lawyer to not pursue an order myself and to let him pursue one. My eldest loves his Dad but is scared of him. My youngest says that Dad only hates me and the older sibling. I wasn’t able to protect them when we were all under one roof, it will be impossible to protect them if they have any length of time on their own with their Dad.