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Thanks for the reply’s guys it’s nice to know someone actually listens😅 it’s going to take a lot of adjusting but I’m still young and will push through! Its early days so I’m still a bit raw to the pain also while dealing with the blues. Do you think the depression would go against me in the case of having custody of the child? Will I be under watch? I’m perfectly capable of caring for her I’ve done most of it since she was born and I’ve self refereed myself for some therapy through TalkToChange.
i promised myself I wouldn’t let my family break up as my parents separated when I was younger and I know how it can effect you so that’s the biggest killer to myself.
It’s not as if I hate the mother I just hate how she’s handled the situation, she’s still my world. But is there any point in trying to hold on? Or is it “if you love something let it go”

sorry for the rant and I appreciate your help