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I have documented everything and it’s made no difference. No one wants to hear it, including the CAFCASS Officer assigned to my case.

I’ve been in and out of court too since my child was born. The last time was when she was 4 years old (she’s now 8) and the judge said they’d never seen such a thick file on a 4 year old. They told him to stop bringing these issues to court but it hasn’t stopped him.

He was emotionally abusive during my pregnancy; that’s not of interest to the courts. I’ve had messages from women he’s been cheating with (he’s engaged) saying he would let her play in the streets whilst he was inside drinking; that’s not of interest to the courts. He smacked her, I told the Health visitor. They told me to stop contact. He took me to court. HV then refused to admit what they advised so it was ignored.

I feel so powerless as he gets everything he wants whilst my daughters wishes are ignored because CAFCASS say she’s too young.

He’s also avoided paying CM but that has no relevance either apparently.

Solicitor says even if he was a murderer or paedophile the courts would still order contact (albeit letterbox contact).  It seems just because he wants it, he gets it.