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That’s exactly it, you are enough, and always have been. The only person you need validation from is yourself. As hard as it may be some days, it’s important to reinforce the positive, and ignore the negative. And as the negative is predominantly coming from someone else, try to ignore them. I could even hear her in my head when I was going to do something I wanted to do, but automatically started to reel off the familiar reem of potential terrible outcomes. Now I just ignore it, it’s just practice I suppose. Its an immovable anxiety, but it can be stepped over, or bypassed. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t work absolutely every time. But it does more often than not.

It does sound a bit like her behaviour is fear of you leaving, trying to make you believe you can’t do it alone. In saying that I’m not excusing it. You will do it, definitely, just keep it in sight.