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That’s ok

I think it’s a generational thing, my father’s the same. Thank you, that’s very kind.

I think it would help if you can differentiate when she’s being like that, it’s something she’s going through, or there’s an underlying reason, because it’s actually got nothing to do with you, you’re just the unfortunate recipient. The more you hear something the more you believe it, until its all you hear. I took on board someone else’s fear for a time, and while I did, admittedly it kept me extremely safe, ultimately it was crippling and stopped me from doing a lot of things. We have since talked in depth about it all, but that took time for us both to get to a point where we could do it in a productive way.

I’m not entirely sure what to suggest about the housing at the moment, but if you can just change your thinking around the way your mum talks to you, it may ease the stress just a little in the short short term.

Have you actually spoke to your mum about moving out?