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Thank you so much for replying Adam79,

I’ve tried to rent but my credit isn’t great. Im fixing it as I save. You’re not being disrespectful, it’s true. If I suggested counselling she would say im being disrespectful. Getting help is a form of weakness to her. I am on anti depressants and she always comments on it. She said I wouldnt get a job because I wasn’t wearing make up and earnings to a job interview, but I got the job. I have to get away from her. I’m sorry you went through that and I’m proud of you, you saw what it was and you did something about it. I’m glad you sorted it out. Mums are supposed to build our self confidence, let us know that we can do anything we put our mind to and we are great just the way we are. That’s what I do for mine. Thank you for your advice and listening.