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Firstly, you’re not failing at life, you’re just going through it a bit at the moment, and you’re starting to do something about it so alls not lost. You can still buy a house with a part time job as far as I’m aware as the lender will look at your overall income, like child benefit, working tax credit, or whatever the equivalent is today, as well as your part time wage. These are things you’d have to look into, maybe on the gov website, or citizens advice.

Not meaning to be disrespectful, but your mum sounds like she could do with some help, that isn’t right invading privacy like that, or talking to you like that. I’m guessing she wouldn’t hear you if you suggested counselling though. Mine was kind of similar, but more in a kind of overprotectiveness gone mad, so attempted to stop me doing things because of her own fear of the outcome, it did hinder me a bit when I was younger, but once I saw what it was, did something about it. This was a long time ago mind, but we sorted things out.

It does sound like you need to be out and get a bit of distance, sooner rather than later. Do you think you may be ok with renting in the short term as that may be a quicker way out than trying to arrange a mortgage?