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I’ll be OK thankyou, just very emotional. Oh not much of a difference at all. It’s just so weird being on my own not having my mums company not even to talk to just knowing someone is there.

Oh no, sorry to hear you had issues with the men.

I hope I do, it’s just a huge step isn’t it, also because it’s council it all happened so quick literally got the keys a couple days after I got told I had been offered it 🤦🏻‍♀️ so that threw me too.

My mum comes round when she’s not been working as my son it’s so attached to me even if I leave the room he screams and gets himself so worked up so it’s hard to get anything done 🙈

Thank you, oh I definitely will tell people how I feel otherwise ill just be a wrek. Feel free to message me if you need to chat ☺️