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Hey hope you are ok. Congratulations on your move. Its a massive decision to make but well done you. My son was 8 months old when i moved out too so not too much different

I had a terrible flat so it didn’t help the transition but i think it really made me strong. You will get to enjoy it and it will become easy and the norm for you and your son. Take time to settle in and get used to it

I had issues with sons Father and another guy since my son born so i have had to deal with  while living alone but i have used support and will not be downbeat too long

Me and my son moved again early last year and its so much better. Once you settle you will love it. Yes it is lonely when people come round and then it all seems to drift off as people are all helping and its busy but then things have to settle and people will also be wanting to help you settle by not being there all time

So take time and use support and dont worry about telling people how you feel too.