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Sorry just realised I didn’t answer all your questions. Our son is 3 next month. Baby is his (although he disputes it even though I’ve given him no reason to).

He’s never consistently worked whilst we’ve been married and now is signed off for mental health issues. He refused to let me work instead of him because ‘it’s not manly’ and he ‘didn’t want to be a househusband’ etc but I put my foot down and got myself a job after his refusal landed us in £7000 debts with basic living costs such as energy/water etc and we ended up queuing up with druggies to get food handouts from charity and using food banks to feed my children (I have 4 older ones that aren’t his). He’s always resented me since. He moved into a flat and refused to look after the children or even cook their tea whilst I was at work etc. His biggest complaint now is that I have money and he doesn’t!

Its such a long and complicated story I could go on for hours 😬