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I believe you could justify what you are proposing so long as the 2 mtr social distancing rules were adhered to and you all remained outdoors, some neighbours may get twitchy and report you to the police (those that do not know your situation) though legally I think you could justify your actions. There’s always the option that you stay exactly within the guidance and ‘meet one person from outside your home to exercise keeping 2 mtrs apart’, I’m not sure how you feel about bringing this man back to your home, or going for a walk with him? Are you comfortable with it? Or agreeing to the garden but not committing to weekly? I can imagine the fact you’re back having to make decisions about contact when this was sorted could raise anxiety in itself, take your time and and consider your options, commit only to what ur comfortable doing. You can always increase the opportunity for them to meet later, but it will be stressful to reduce it once committed and we still don’t know the duration of pandemic restrictions