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Hi there,  i understand very well as i have been in the same position few years back and i am 55. It has been disbelief and denial at the beginning,  talking to friends and family helped a lot . I couldn’t believe that was happening to me as i really thought it was for ever . After came the angry phase and resentment,  and that helped me coping too. I trough myself into my job , filling my days to the brim, so at night i was so tired i crashed in bed and didn’t have time to think.  Time  is a good healer, and 3 yeats later i am still standing,  alone with 2 teenagers , and i feel i can pat myself on the back thinking how much I have achieved by myself.  I am not totally healed yet, but i feel free, to be just me advice would be to believe in yourself,  after so long you get use to relying to your partner emotionally financially etc..but you can do it , with some adjustments , we are stronger than we think ..