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Thankyou for your reply, any help is appreciated. I don’t give him the power, he takes away my/our options so I have no choice but to react. I once got access to the password so my son could sign in to apple, the latest one is hes changed the password now and kept it from my son. I cant take over the phone because i cant reset it because the ex has the passcodes, changes app permission, littlin comes to me stressed and I try to sort it and everytime he says ‘I can’t remember the apple id/ the associated email/ the passwords ect. So I have to find ways of him to recover this info on his behalf and let him know (although he already does). I can’t afford to replace the tech or get a contract because im not working at the mo because he keeps gas lighting and deliberately triggering off my anxiety and I can’t give the tech back because his phone is his life, ergo the cycle keeps on going. Im trying to change littlins number at the mo but i cant back up his phone because we cant get the details, so littlin doesnt want to lose his bits. Ive had to wipe and re set up the playstation after he’s prented to transfer the kids data (i knew nothing about playstations at time) onto his console, what he did was set up a profile on our playstation without my permisssion, signed the kids out of the playstation network (which at time i couldn’t recover that email address for 1 month) kids were really stressed that progress was lost and he said it was because they wanted to use his play station plus pass between 2 consoles. I wiped and during the restricion codes for playstation were changed (i had them written down, none recognised) so i couldnt access the console, had to soft reset it to default codes. Then next day he drops down a mincecraft disc and probs with that ( said storaage issue and corrupted file) then we received a suggested update to reset consile in soft ,mode but to download it from playstation store update from april 7.50 causes reboot failures and infinite loops on consoles. These things ahve been continually going on since 2013. I try to push back and he finds another way to do it. His current one is hes told littlin hes now buying him a new samsung for his birthday rather than sort it or give me the info to sort it, ergo I change his number he gets to do it again.