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Hello Annie 😊 

I wanted to reply and offer my deepest sympathy for the pain you are in. I want to remind you that you are powerless to change another person, their behaviour and their actions especially if that person in an addict. The sooner you can process this the sooner you will be free. Drop the expectations of him and free yourself.  This is time for you to work on you and focus on your own life, goals, dreams and empowerment. The relationship you grieve sound ethos the honeymoon period where we get flooded by love hormones and when that gets replaced by the real person we have hitched our Star too it is incredibly painful because we chase that illusive high of the beginnings of romance and connection.  He is not meeting your emotional needs  I’d go a step further and say this is a toxic situation that isn’t yielding good results for you. You say he can’t handle stress and I would say out the focus back on you instead of trying to figure him out. We try to figure others out so we can stay attached as if we have the power the ‘fix’ the person or situation and we don’t so what can you do to change the person you can ? That person is you.  Sit with that pain and that void let it rise up and accept it, cry a hundred tears if necessary and then put your hand on your heart and tell yourself lovingly you will get through this, process this pain and release it, you sound like you have a great support network. Love comes in many forms not just romantically and you can do this. Let him go and embrace yourself and your child and rise up to choose life on your own loving terms. 🧡