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Hi GraceyMay,


I suggest you stay in line with typical access arrangements the court would grant for a newborn which would be;

– an hour or so access, with you present, every second or third day for the first couple of months, to build a bond.  Baby should not be separated from its mum for the first few months.
– gradually move on to a couple of hours contact, then IF there is a bond, longer hours, working up to overnight at maybe 18 months or two years.

Remember this is about what is best for the child, NOT what either parent wants.

Definitely don’t drive that far, so soon after birth, that’s his job. Also don’t put your ex on the birth certificate. If it is important to him, he should put in the effort. And don’t give the child his surname. His behaviour so far means you will be the primary carer and life will be much easier if you use your own name.
Good luck x