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Social services really aren’t looking to just take your kids away any opportunity they can get. They are there to provide support and would only ever intervene if there was serious risk to any of the children of coming to harm or neglet. They will always try and keep the children with their family wherever possible despite some horror stories you might have heard. I can’t say whether they would get involved, now that there’s been a record of physical abuse your health visitor will probably monitor things along with the school etc and health visitors and social usually work quite closely together. So if your health visitor felt that there was some kind of a risk or even just that you might need additional support then yes social may get involved. But as long as your partner isnt continuing with that kind of physical abuse towards you and obviously the kids, as long as there isnt any emotional abuse going on, as long as the children aren’t being neglected or your not really really struggling to cope then you have nothing to worry about. If you are going to give things another go it would really help if your partner went to anger management or counselling to show that he is being proactive in ensuring it never happens again and acting in the interest of the family to deal with his issues. Maybe even you could ask the health visitor if they had any recommendations of family counselling services etc that you and your partner could attend together to show that you are both being proactive and taking the matter seriously. But please dont fear social services as they really aren’t looking to steal your kids away and its a shame they are labelled with that stigma because they actually offer so much support to so many families. Obviously its a decision only you can make but again I’ll reiterate to you – please dont take him back just because you’re worried about raising two autism children and another 3 kids by yourself. There is support out there for you and help available. So please dont let that be the thing that sways you in your decision. Hope this helps and stay safe