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Hiya Bubbles

Thats not pathetic at all, I imagine it can be the case for quite a few people, especially given the current situation. I know how you feel, some days I dont really mind as I’m so tired by the end of the day, the only thing I want to do is sleep, but when I realise I haven’t spoken to anyone for days it gets a bit much. My lads just turned two, and my Jack Russell cant speak English, so like yourself, I don’t get too much adult conversation, more just talking at a couple of lovely lads.

I’m hoping the restrictions wont last too much longer, and am going to look into some online groups in the short term. Is it the fact that people don’t get in touch with you, or that you don’t feel you have anyone you can approach to have a chat with? I do have a few friends that periodically check in, but when it comes to getting in touch with family I’m doing the legwork. Which is fine, as you say, they have their own lives, and it’s a very weird place we’re all at at the moment!

Take care:)