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Your best point of contact here would defo be a solicitor. Most offer a free 30 min consultation where they can give you some initial advice and you may qualify for legal aid or find one who would work with you pro bono if money as an issue. Failing that you could go to citizens advice to find out what the laws are surrounding this. I believe you could also contact Facebook to discuss this matter as, and Im not 100% sure on this, but they may have some policies regarding this matter where you could request the photos to be removed. If you go into the Facebook help page and contact them with your query you may get somewhere – worth a try at least! As for his partner I think unless there is evidence that the new partner is a physical or emotional risk to the children then you cannot block them from spending time with your children while they are in your ex’s custody. But again you should double check that with a solicitor or citizens advice. Have you and your ex thought about trying mediation? It may help the two of you sort through some issues regarding the care of your kids and give you a chance to voice your concerns in a safe environment with a professional there to help guide the two of you through it? Again there are some that run as a charity if money is an issue. Also a parent plan if you’ve not done one already would help the two of you work through these sorts of matters. These are both things the pair of you would be expected to try usually before it will go through the courts. Just remember any contact you do have try and keep it civil even when antagonized, ensure you are always focused on the kids and not getting drawn into arguments and try and keep communication via written form such as messenger or record conversations so you have evidence of what has been discussed should you need it. I hope this helps and stay safe