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No you cant ask for proof that the moneys being spent on the kid as far as I know. And you legally have an obligation to pay regardless of whether you are happy about what she spends the money on. Putting into a kids bank account doesnt help cover the day to day costs of raising a child which is what that money is supposed to go towards.

You said you pay £120 a month maintenance? Your ex is probably spending more than £120 a month just on food alone regardless of whether school gives him meals and thats without getting started on any other bills even if she does get a discount. Therefore rest assured your money has been spent on providing for the child whether that be food or a roof over the child’s head. Her new fella isnt responsible for caring or providing for your child and has no obligation to offer financial support.

All you could do is use the CMS calculator to work out how much minimum you legally have to pay if you’ve not done so already and do it that way. Anything else buy it yourself for the kid such as clothes and toys that way you know the kids getting them. But obviously your best bet is to always seek proper legal advice via citizens advice or a solicitor on these kinds of matters. Stay safe