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I know its hard but you are both doing the right thing taking some time apart. What happened shouldn’t have happened, there is no excuse. You need to decide whether it was the breaking point of your relationship or whether you want to make a go of things. Obviously most people will tell you to be strong and kick him to the curb, that if he has done it once he will do it again etc and they are saying it rightly so. But you sound like you might not be on that wave legnth and that you want him back so I dont think telling you to leave him is going to help. What I would say is if you both decide to make a go of things then your man should do anger management classes and you should say thats a mandatory condition to you giving things a go. Because even though things are stressful right now the way he lashed out at you isnt a healthy way of dealing with emotions and there’s a risk it could happen again if he doesnt learn to deal with whatever is causing this rage he has. And just remember your decision affects your kids too and they will pick up on more than you even realise. If he is the one who decides the relationship is over then like I said you can get support to help you, you will not be abandoned to look after those kids yourself if you reach out for help then there’s help there for you. Whatever you decide I hope you and your family stay safe