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Well to give you some perspective I think considering you ended the relationship, took her back, ended it again and are now still living with her you are maybe being a little too harsh on her. She was very clearly not ready to let go of the relationship and was still in love with you considering she “begged” you not to end it. And you did her absolutely no favours by dragging it out by repeatedly giving her false hope by taking her back when it obviously wasnt what you really wanted. Im not saying shes totally blameless at all as I dont know her or you or what went on in your relationship, but no wonder she’s got a bit of an attitude with you. To still be living with a man who she wasnt ready to give up on but who has repeatedly broken things off with her? Thats hard. The fact she’s holding it together in front of the kid and doing those nice things for you maybe you need to give her a little more credit instead of criticizing. Im sure she’s in a lot of pain emotionally. Again I’ve no doubt she’s not blameless in all this and as a woman myself I know how passive aggressive we can be and outright catty at times. But as I said previously – I think you’re expecting too much too soon. A year isnt long when you’re still living together. Perhaps you need to get your own place once the lockdown is over, just a suggestion. Again please dont take anything Ive said as a personal attack I can only give my opinion as I see it based on what you’ve written. Hope things work out for you and your family whatever the outcome and stay safe