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Its understandable the way you are feeling but I don’t think you’re anywhere near ready to move on yet. This has all happened very quickly and has obviously been a huge shock to you, you probably haven’t even processed all of your feelings yet. I understand you’re lonely and its difficult when your now ex has “moved on”so quickly. But I think maybe for the time being just focus on some self love – maybe after lockdown pick something you’ve always wanted to do but havent yet and just go for it. Just remember that your ex’s actions arent a refkection on yiu and dont signify that you failed in any way in the relationship. They show that he is the one who obviously needs to work on himself. The running is great it will help you feel good and you’re right its a great way to clear your head. Writing down your feelings can help as well as it gives you a chance to re-read and reflect on things and track how you’re doing so perhaps starting a journal if you dont already have one? Plus its a great way to vent all the feelings you have and words you might want to say. I hope this helps, stay safe