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If hes lying and manipulative and a bully then you need to be able to prove that hence why I said you should have a record of any communication between the pair of you. And the reason I said to be careful what you say to him is because my solicitor told me I shouldnt say anything to my ex I wouldn’t want read out in court. Unless there was abuse or the children were at serious risk with him its unlikely a judge would ever rule that he cant see the kids even if he is a liar. My ex is a compulsive liar but there’s nothing I can really do about that and it isnt enough grounds to stop him seeing the kids. Im also due to start mediation with my ex after lockdown but it took 5 months to get to that point because he kept trying to stall and delay because he knows he isnt going to be able to sit there and lie and bully me in mediation. The mediators are used to dealing with people like that so you may find mediation helpful. And if he isnt co-operative in mediation or doesnt turn up it would go badly against him in court. If youve no current court order then he cant force you to hand over the kids, but Ive heard judges are really cracking down on parents who are refusing visitstion during lockdown so if he did pursue the matter you would have to be sure you had enough grounds to justify your actions. Im not saying that to try and sway you into making any decision I am just giving you all the info ai have in the hopes it helps. I would speak to a solicitor about him seeing his siter and your concerns about that putting the kids at risk. I know this isnt an easy situation but hopefully you get it resolved soon