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If you can, take the high road. If its been less than a year expecting her to be nice to you may be asking too much depending on how messy the breakup was etc.

You can’t reason with an unreasonable person, but from the way you’ve phrased all this, I would guess that neither of you is being especially respectful or sensitive to the other. That’s no excuse for her being the way she is and I’m not suggesting you deserve this but if you really want to solve the issue it’s not about expecting her to “improve”. If you want to communicate better discuss communication, not her flaws or what she’s done wrong. If you both only see it from your own side you’ll just butt heads constantly. Apologiesif I have the wrong end of the stick there!

Sorry you’re having to deal with someone like her, I understand how you feel it’s very hard not to get wound up about x