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I appreciate you both taking the time to respond.  However I should have been more specific with my post: I’m not particularly adverse to the way she raises our son.  If course I have issues here and there but they get sorted out.  What I can’t stand is how she treats me,  most of the time I feel like she just sees me as a pain in the ass. It takes hardly anything for an attitude to bubble up from her, and then she usually says that I’m the one being rude.  I feel like I have to walk on egg shells around her all the time,  and even when I try my best not to aggravate her I still end up on her bad side somehow.  All of this is really starting to make me resent her and I don’t want that.  I mean,  I was the one who ended the relationship so I guess I should expect a little of this.  I just don’t want our relationship to slowly decay until I can’t stand her at all,  and I wantt try and do something to slow or reverse that process before it becomes irreversible.

Thanks again for the replies!