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Without trying to sound patronising all I could really say to you in this situation is to just take it day by day. Each morning you wake up you are a day closer to the lockdown coming to an end and a day closer to returning to some kind of normality. You just have to keep reminding yourself that this is only temporary and that if you and your child can make it through the hell you have both survived in the past then you can make it through this lockdown. Youve both been through such difficulty in your lives and its tragic. But because of what your child has been through already you’ve got to be that bit stronger for them even though I understand it must be so hard for you and you are struggling with your own inner demons just now. I am a single parent to a 2 and 4 year old and I totally sympathize with how hard it can be not getting that break that we sometimes so desperately need from our kids at times and the feeling of just needing a breather because its all getting a bit much. But youve got to keep fighting not to let it overwhelm you. I definately think its worth getting in touch with your gp as the lack of motivation and negative thought path could definately be symptoms of depression. Your gps are still there for you if you need them and your mental health is still important and shouldnt be neglected. There are also covid 19 online support groups where you can chat about your feelings and struggles and get advice. Perhaps one of those could be helpful to you. Sorry I cant be of more help amd I hope you and your child stay safe