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I put a search in of lone parent lockdown hell and your post came up. So I guess I know how you feel. I too have left an abusive relationship and have two under fives to look after. It’s true the government are barely mentioning people in our situation and there seems to be little consideration for our mental health. We can’t meet another adult as to do that and satisfy the 2 people maximum we’d have to leave our children unattended?! . This whole experience has been hellish for me feeling very alone and it feels sometimes that my relationship with my sons is getting worse every day . I agree with everything that the poster above says but I think it’s dangerous for those who’ve suffered abuse to say . “Oh it’s us and our outlook that’s wrong not the situation” as is this not what we convinced ourselves during the abuse anyway ? This situation is awful . None of that is your fault and as long as you survive this you are strong . The practical advice  above is sound:  follow it if you can . Do whatever you need to do to keep yourself and children safe mentally. Call the crisis team for hemp if ever you feel dangerously low they may be able to help you with childcare etc.