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To be fair, and please dont take this offensively, how she parents during her time with the child isn’t really any of your business UNLESS the child was in danger etc, formal agreements weren’t being adhered to etc. I completely disagree with what my ex does as its not how I would personally do things but as my solicitor said – its his time with the kids not mine. The parenting plan is there to cover the basics and the main things to do with care and we adhere to this. But theres loads of niggling things he does that I disagree with and Im sure its the same for him when it comes to me. But we only discuss things that are of a serious nature or if theres a real concern. So if you havent done a parent plan together it could be worth a try. Theres always mediation as well if you havent tried that already. There are free services if you are struggling financially that can help. Yes its great if you can both agree on absolutely everything and discuss everything together. But unless you’re very lucky and do have a great relationship with your ex it isn’t usually the case because ex’s are that for a reason and a lot of the time theres lingering bad feelings that seep out during discussions. You can and should raise any genuine concerns you have over the best interest of the child and vice versa she can and should do the same. And you should always strive to keep things civil and to work together as a team where possible for the sake of the child. But it sounds like you both really need to work out a parenting plan with some help from a professional service and stick to it. It would probably help avoid a lot of arguments and then yiu have a kind of road map of what things are important and should be discussed. Hope this helps.