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Its totally understandable to be experiencing mixed emotions right now and of course you are right to take some time to mull it all over. You shouldn’t feel rushed into making a decision. In the mean time there’s your kids to consider. I dont know the guy so cant say why he hasnt been in touch yet. But perhaps you need to get in touch to discuss with him how you are going to arrange temporary contact for the kids until you have reached a final decision. Im sure the kids must be confused as to whats going on right now and, of course its your decision and this is merely advice, but Im sure it would be good for everyone if the kids could see or speak to their dad and get a bit of reassurance from you both. These are crazy times as it is. So even if it was a video call for him to say a quick hello to them, if you both could come to some sort of agreement, it would benefit the kids. Of course its your family and you should make our decisions based on what you feel is in the best interest of yourself and your children. I hope you and the kids are doing ok and hopefully whatever the outcome is going to be this will be resolved quickly for you all one way or the other