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Its always a bit nerve wracking getting back into the dating game after a time out from it! But although its easy to say “Dont be nervous” – you really shouldn’t be. Just try to relax and enjoy yourself and have some fun. See where it takes you!

I know that some dating sites such as do group activites such as dance nights, cooking nights etc in some areas. This could be a great way to ease back into meetig and talking to potential dates without the pressure of it being a one on one situation. So might be worth looking into once lockdown is over. Or even actually joining some activities in your local or surrounding area might be a great way to meet new people and potentially a man. I would be wary about dating sites though and choose carefully as some do not have the same safe guards in place to protect their users, some are just for hook ups (although thats totally fine if thats all you’re looking for atm) and you should always meet in a public place with a friend or family member aware of who you’re meeting, when and where before you do meet with anyone new in person.

Going out for a few drinks with your friends is always an opportunity to meet potential suitors in a relaxed fun way. Or even asking some of your friends if they have any single friends they could set you up with. At the end of the day it boils down to what you feel most comfortable doing and how it would work best for you and what you are looking for.  I always think its kind of like going to a swimming pool. Some people just dip their toe in first, some people ease in to it and some people just cannon ball into the water! Just go with what feels comfortable to you and dont put too much pressure on yourself or allow other people to pressurise you. Good luck and stay safe