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I would suggest getting a cohabitation agreement of sorts drawn up with a solicitor so that you are both covered in terms of whatever financial agreement you have reached but mostly so that you have some security should the relationship not work out. I moved in to my exs house that was all in his name and despite him promising to add my name to the paper work it never happened. So when we split my options were either be homeless with my kids or be at his mercy as to whether he would let us stay in the house – we’ve since drawn up an agreement about the house and me and the kids have remained in it while he has left but it wasnt a nice position to be in. You and the kids need some security. You really both should get some advice from either citizens advice or a solicitor about what options are available to you bth for divvying everything up financially and for paying the bills and who gets what should you split. There are options to make it legally binding even if you are not married. Hope this helps