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Youve got a solicitor so your solicitor should give you guidence on where to go from here.  Usual protocol is the solicitor writes them, if an agreeent cant be reached via solicitors then you attempt mediation, if he fails to attend or mediation is unsuccessful you take it to court where a judge will decide what access will be given (although they do take everything into consideration). A judge will act in the best interest of the child. If you have genuine concerns about his abilty as a father but wish for contact to continue then you can always apply for supervised contact. In the mean time I would suggest you have no further contact with him unless it is related to an emergency with the kids and you should apply to CMS for financial support from your ex. Any contact you do have with him should be written via solicitors letters or via messaging so you havea record of everything that is said and ensure you remain focused on the children throughout any conversauons and that you remain civil no matter what he does to provoke you. Hope this helps and stay safe